Rayavadee Resort


The Surrounding of Rayavadee offer freedom. challenge, rest, and rejuvernation. Everything that top executives need and thrive on. For sharpness of mind, Clarity, Inspiration, Creativity.

Our service can be varied to suit the nature of your business. There but not there. Or obviously lavish to impress.

Your success gives you the freeform to choose where and how you want to achieve your goal, be it executive team-building, creativity sessions, high-level negotiations, clinching deals, building alliances, or simply to enjoy a well-earned rest.

Our goal is to help achieve yours. 

Meeting Spaces

Meeting Rooms
The goals you have set out to achieve at Rayavadee may start or end at our meeting rooms.

Rayavadee caters not only to the formal, but also to the lighter side of executive care.

There is no better place to mix business with pleasure.

Krabi Function Room Capacity: 30-50 persons
Rayavadee Boardroom Capacity: 10-30 persons

Umbrella Tree Court
A breakfast meeting with a difference. Fresh onshore winds. Slanting rays of morning light. Great food tasting even better because of the uniqueness of the setting and our service.

An invigorating start to your workday which is so far removed from your usual workday.

No other meetings to go to. Plans for the day can be mapped out. Ideas generated late last night can be worked out in the light of day. Ideal venue for casual discussions.

Capacity: up to 50 persons

Rai Talay Terrace
Sit back and unwind as you discuss or reflect on the events of the day. Go over business decisions. Compare notes. Talk about ways to improve team performance.

Quiet contemplation. Laughter. Let your mind drift after intense negotiations. Ice cold beer. Strong cocktails. A setting sun. Recharging for the day ahead.

Capacity: up to 50 persons

The Grotto
Add character to your meeting. Hold it in a limestone cave.

Rock ceiling and walls. Crafted by time. Cool. Different.

Priceless view of the sea through the cave’s opening.

Best for casual discussions or break-out sessions.

Capacity: 30 persons

You may want to hold a brainstorming session through the night, thrash out big ideas, go over the details of your business plan, or have somewhere quiet to check through the conditions of a contract.

The informality of the Rayavadee Villas are ideal, offering privacy. And peace.

The Villas have everything so you can function as if you were at the office. Only the decor and the view are different. Step outside and you are looking at one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

Relaxed surroundings. Fresh outlook. New perspectives. Greater insight. Big ideas.

Give business a break.

Change the function room for the cruise boat. Let your hair down and allow the wind to clear your mind as the boat sails round the islands.

Host a welcome cocktail for the new chairman of the board on the Siamese Junk.

Share a bottle of champagne with your client as the sun sets. Eat freshly-caught fish. Or grilled lobsters. Or whatever it is that you fancy. Why not? You’ve earned it.

Capacity: 24 persons

Being able to command the use of an island.

No suits, no ties, no interruptions. Just sun and sand as your team draws up the business plan for next year.

A raw environment to test yourselves on an adventure course designed by team-building experts.

As soon as you step off the speed boat, the magic of the island is yours.

How about lunch on the beach?

How about a meeting on the beach?

How about wearing shorts to the meeting?

How about having empowering your discussions with a totally fresh perspective on meeting – knowing that you're doing it differently. Knowing that you are in a position to.

How good that must feel.

Dining Retreats

Coffee Breaks
Un-everyday meeting spaces that invigorate the mind.

Out-of-the-ordinary refreshments to fuel the body and stimulate the senses.

Break up your meeting with one of Rayavadee's themed 'coffee breaks'. Apart from the coffee, expect the entire experience to be different .

Foods to feast your eyes on. But it's the tastes that will make your marvel.

Private Dining
Treat your pavilion as if it's your home. Invite your clients to a simple but superbly cooked dinner served in a tucked away corner of your garden. Entertain your team members and their spouses around your private pool. A smaller affair. More personal. Yet as elegant as you would like your evening to be.

You play host. We take care of everything else. From choosing the table arrangements, mixing cocktails, to impressing your guests with tableside cooking and service.

Duo in the moonlight.

Warm and private. Subtly lavish. Relaxing.

Cruise Dining
Al fresco dining with a difference.

Lunch or cocktails on a Siamese Junk. Or breakfast if you and your business colleagues should want it. A light buffet of whatever you may fancy.

Sail around the islands, drinking in the sea breeze and savouring the exhilarating sense of freedom.

Power lunches will never be the same again.

(NOTE: Should the weather turn and we think it would not be safe or comfortable for you to dine on the boat, we will let you know and put your Plan B into action. Like you, we believe in planning for the unexpected.)

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch Dinner
There is freedom of choice with every meal.

Choose to enjoy our buffets or select a la carte. Or you may fancy something that is not on our menu. Our chefs will be happy to oblige.

Decide when you want to eat and where.

Brunch in the coolness of the limestone cave, your table looking out to sea.

An evening picnic on the coconut lawn with family.

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