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Restaurants & Dining

An exciting choice of restaurants & bars offers an extensive variety of cuisines to suit everyone's tastes.

Our exciting choices of 5 restaurants & 5 bars including beach bars offer an extensive variety of cuisines to suit everyone's tastes. Each restaurant has its own style with superb view of the pool and/or the Andaman Sea. The delicious traditional and tasty dishes for which Thai food are deservedly famous, plus the best recipes of seafood and international cuisine, all prepared with extra fresh ingredients, chosen with care by our cooks and chefs.

Spice N' Rice Thai Restaurant

Pimalai’s Spice N’ Rice is a Thai restaurant serving authentic organic Thai food. In addition to participation in the hotel industry, Pimalai also owns a farm up north, in ChiangMai, known as the “Rim Ping Organic Farm”. For many years now, we have been working on growing our own vegetables, fruits and herbs, with the goal of presenting the freshest, healthiest and most delicious products available for the preparation of the variety of dishes offered at Spice N’ Rice.

Our Rim Ping Organic Farm is located in the best agriculture area in Thailand and stretches for over a mile along the banks of the Ping River, which is a major contributory of the Chao Phraya River, Thailand’s major waterway and the backbone of the Thai agricultural system. The farm’s soil is extremely rich and the irrigation water is of the highest quality which allows us to produce some of the best organic crops without the use of added chemicals.

Pimalai’s ethical food policy means that the Spice N’ Rice restaurant sources only the finest ingredients and, wherever possible, uses only local and organic products- mostly coming from our farm near Chiangmai. By dining here, not only will you experience the best of authentic Thai cuisine but you will benefit from the knowledge that the utmost care has been used in selecting only the best quality materials for use in our Thai kitchen.

The Seven Seas Wine Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant provides a sea view that is unparalleled and an elegantly styled facility that is unbeatable. The restaurant and its show kitchen offers a comprehensive "a la carte" fusion style dinner menu which means that superior ingredients from all over the globe are marinated, cooked and served together on the same plate - generating a symphony of flavors in perfect harmony.

A wide-ranging collection of international wines has been assembled from which you can select an ideal accompaniment to your meal.

Rak Talay Beach Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant nestled beneath towering shady trees from where guest can take in the sweeping views of the Andaman Sea and gentle southern breezes. The menu features casual light snacks, including salads, pasta, pizzas and great sandwiches.

Freshly caught grilled seafood and a variety of light stir fried Thai style dishes are also available at dinner time. Rak Talay seats 50.

The Banyan Tree Pool Side Café

Just adjacent to our new splendid 50 meters long infinity pool, this casual al fresco café proposes a great range of easy snacks, including pizzas, pastas & salads.

Hundreds of different labels from the old and the new worlds are available from the wine cellar, allowing patrons to complement great dining with great wines that are offered at very competitive prices.

Dining In Villa

There are times when one wishes to relax and stay at home. If this is how you feel then we can help by providing an “in-home” dining option. Yes, you can have some home cooking prepared for you by your own chef who will come to your villa and barbeque a delicious meal and also arrange for accompanying refreshments of your choice. No need to dress up...just relax on your balcony, watch the sun go down, listen to the cicadas in the forest, look up at the stars and inhale the mouth watering aroma of exquisitely selected meat and seafood as they are barbequed to perfection; but unlike home, you don’t even have to do the dishes! Yes, we would like to spoil you.

Private Dining on the Beach

Vacation times are times that we use to escape from the hectic routines and duties imposed on ourselves, be it through work, decision making, keeping to a schedule, etc.

Being a guest at Pimalai gives you the opportunity to relax and maybe to bring some romance back into a relationship by treating your partner to an especially romantic gift...a private dinner for 2 in your own secluded sala right by the beach. You can listen to the waves lapping the shore, see the sun sink into the shimmering Andaman Sea beyond the 5 island cluster of Koh Haa, silhouetted on the horizon. You may wish to indulge in a refreshing beverage before placing your meal request with your personal waiter.

A platter of fresh fish, grilled to perfection, is recommended; accompanied by a suitable wine selected for the occasion. Champagne works wonders! When the darkness transforms the sky from vivid blue to star-filled black, the best place to be is at a private table for the two of you, with your feet in the sand, enjoying a special moment that will never fade away…maybe you will be blessed by the appearance of the moon….. or the bobbing lights of distant squid boats.

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