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Located off the coast of Trang in the south-eastern part of Thailand, Koh Kradan forms part of the Hat Chao Mai National Park. Established in 1981 as one of the Thailand’s national park reserves, Hat Chao Mai covers more than 230 square kilometers and offers a variety of tropical environments. There are many small unspoiled islands scattered throughout the national park and has become widely known as one of the most scenic regions of Thailand and offers a selection of interesting wildlife, some of which are largely endangered. People have been drawn to the charms of Hat Chao Mai with it being the least developed region in Thailand, and as such it still maintains much of its natural beauty.

With relatively hilly terrain having a range of hills stretching the length of the island, Koh Kradan is claimed to be the most beautiful island off the coast of Trang. Despite its natural beauty, Koh Kradan is still largely unknown as a tourism destination. There are two main beaches, Paradise Beach and Yang Long Beach, which boast powdery white sandy beaches, crystal clear ocean waters and with an array of pristine coral and reef life surrounding the island, provides for unforgettable scuba-diving, snorkeling and swimming.

The Hat Chao Mai national park is known to offer a good selection of wildlife. As with all wildlife they’re not always easily visible but to name a few you might come across Asian Small-Clawed Otters, Chinese Egret, Mitred Leaf Monkeys, Terrapins, Dolphins and the endangered Dugong.

Seven Seas Resort
221 Moo 2, Koh Kradan, Tambon Koh Libong, Amphur Kantang,
Trang 92110, Thailand  

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