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  • Trang

    Everything You Need to Know about Trang


    Not geared up for mass tourism Trang is an undiscovered paradise with many stunning beaches.

    Located just a couple of hours drive south of Krabi, new roads and an airport have made the province more accessible over the last few years, but tourism still remains low key.

    Each year on Valentine's Day, the Thai Airways Trang Underwater Wedding ceremony at Koh Kradan, attracts hundreds of visitors to watch couples don masks and snorkels to exchange vows in the clear waters of the Andaman Sea!

  • Most Booked Hotels
    in Trang
    Guest Rating From
    1. Anantara Si Kao Resort And Spa 4.4/ 5
    2. Kohhai Fantasy Resort & Spa 4.0/ 5
    3. Thapwarin Resort 4.2/ 5
    4. Thumrin Thana Hotel 3.8/ 5
    5. Mayalay Beach Resort 3.7/ 5
    6. Thumrin Hotel 4.4/ 5
    7. Saithong Resort 3.5/ 5
  • Trang Beaches & Islands

    Trang's superb beaches and dramatic limestone formations offer excellent opportunities for kayaking. The coastline hides a multitude of caves and incredible interior lagoons - each with their own eco-system which can be explored when the tide is right. Some islands like Ko Libong, attract migratory birds, others like Ko Kradan - an unseen paradise.

    Paddle around these lovely islands with local kayaking experts. Trips are suitable for both experienced paddlers and complete novices, with instruction given where required. In low season (May-Oct) the Trang area is recommended for experienced paddlers only. During high season (Nov-April) It's perfectly calm and safe. 

    Adventure & Sightseeing in Trang

    Put on your walking shoes and head inland for Trang's leafy canopy. An interior of waterfalls caves and rivers awaits - providing perfect opportunities for trekking and adventure. Some caves can be explored by boat! Currently the Khao Kop Tambon Administration Organization provides rowboats for visitors to view Khao Kop Cave - a natural phenomena (nearly 4 kilometres long!) Local tour companies also operate eco-tours through the cave. Trang's cascading waterfalls are truly a sight to see with some like Tone Teh Waterfall in the Palian District, where the water falls 320m.

    Trang Hot Springs

    The natural hot spring located around 10 kilometers from Kantang has a constant temperature of 60°C - it's one of a number of hot springs in the area.

    Getting There


    Trang is just a few hours' drive from Krabi or Phuket and is well sign-posted. Or take a direct flight from Bangkok.

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