Koh Ha - Small Five Islands near Krabi

Dive Site in Mu Ko Lanta National Park

Koh Ha is a tropical paradise in which visitors can relax and enjoy their day snorkeling, scuba diving and take on the beautiful surrounding. The word ‘ha’ means ‘five’ in Thai and, as the name suggests, Koh Ha consists of five lovely limestone islands located on the west of Koh Lanta, just an hour away by boat.

Before it became relatively well known, the main Ha Island was a shelter for Sea Gypsies and local fishermen. Its harbour provided a safe spot for them to avoid big storms as there are not really any other nearby islands in this area of the Andaman Sea. Koh Ha was original known in the Malay language as Tuk Narima Island.

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Koh Ha Highlights

This group of small islands is under the supervision of Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park. The biggest island is called Koh Ha Yai and is shaped like a sail. This island has beautiful green fields and its highest point is a good spot to catch wonderful views of the open sea. Don’t forget to take a camera with you. 

Keen divers please take note that the best time to go to the Ha Islands is between October and June. The deepest spot is about 50 metres but the average depth is between five to 20 metres and underwater visibility is about 25 metres or more, due to the stillness of the water. Koh Ha Yai also has shallow coral reefs.

There are a number of amazing underwater caves waiting for you to explore. With the natural light shining through, some of the caves, especially those at Koh Ha Yai are truly magical. You can even surface and enjoy their interiors and be amazed at the work of Mother Nature. 

What not to miss at Koh Ha

Here, you can observe manta rays, whale sharks, sea snakes, shrimps, lion fish, ghost pipe fish, turtles and colourful corals including sea whips or sea fans. Koh Ha is great for both snorkeling and scuba diving.

There is no accommodation of any kind on the islands. It’s a place to simply enjoy a daytrip and come back with an unforgettable experience, lots of pictures and a great tan. Visitors are encouraged to bring along picnic baskets if not going along with a tour company. 

Koh Ha

  • Opening Hours: Best time to go: October to June
  • Location: Andaman Sea under the supervision of Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park
  • Tel: TAT Krabi Tel: +66(0) 75-622163 or +66(0) 75-612811-2
  • Price Range: Admission Fee: 400 baht per adult and 200 baht per child
  • How to get there: You can hire a speed boat from Koh Lanta which will take only about 35 minutes or so to Koh Ha.
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