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  • Khao Khanab Nam

    Krabi Town Attractions


    Standing at 100 metres tall the stunning Khao Khanab Nam Mountains are one of Krabi’s most famous landmarks. These majestic natural wonders act as the gateway to Krabi city with the river running between the two limestone cliffs forming a widely photographed beauty spot.

    Inside, the mountains hide a very spiritual site, caves with collections of stalagmites and stalactites are definitely worth exploring, although the location is more well-known for the large number of human skeletons that have been found here and the theories surrounding their demise.

    In addition to discovering these mystical caverns, you can also climb one of the two mountains. Visiting Khao Khanab Nam is certainly worth a trip to discover the inside of these prominent mountains and in addition it can be easily combined with a visit to a nearby mangrove forest and a traditional Thai fishing village.

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  • Khao Khanab Nam Highlights and Features

    The Khao Khanab Nam Mountains are widely regarded as the symbol of Krabi so its well-worth scheduling a trip to see these historic landmarks close up. Inside the caves there are beautiful cluster formations of stalagmites and stalactites created over thousands of years alongside prehistoric paintings.

    A large number of human skeletons were also discovered inside these caves which legend considers to have been people who were either trapped when cut off by the water, or who were once living in the caves and perished in an ancient flood. The caves are easily accessed via a stairwell.

    It’s also worth stopping by the Ko Klang fishing village as part of the trip, where you’ll discover a museum and a local craft centre. Villagers will demonstrate cotton weaving, the making of local tools and utensils plus fish breeding, it’s also possible to buy souvenirs and gifts direct from the local folk.

    • Khao Khanab Nam - Krabi
    • Khao Khanab Nam - Krabi

    Khao Khanab Nam

    • Location: situated directly next to Maritime Park and Spa Resort
    • How to get there: Khao Khanab Nam is reached by chartering a long-tail boat from Krabi’s Chao Fa Pier which takes around 15 minutes. Try and include a trip to visit a local mangrove forest and taking a look at Koh Klang fishing village as part of your trip. Boat rental should be around 300 baht per trip including the fishing village and mangrove forest, and there is no admission charge for Khao Kanab Nam. Long tail boats may not always include shade from the sun or drinking water so remember to take sun lotion, a hat and a bottle of water with you.
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