Krabi Attractions

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  • Caves in Krabi

    Caves in Krabi

    Many local caves contain wonderful crystalline formations, stalagmites and stalactites. A number are said to be the home of spirits and are steeped in local forklore. Read More...

  • Temples in Krabi

    Temples in Krabi

    Perched on the top of a mountain, or hidden in caves, Krabi's temples are spiritually and physically connected with the landscape. Another side of this this fascinating Read More...

  • Krabi Town Attractions

    Krabi Town Attractions

    Get your fill of curiosities and tasty food wandering down streets and through markets in Krabi Town, then head for the river walk. Read More...

  • Islands Nearby Koh Lanta

    Islands Nearby Koh Lanta

    South of Koh Lanta, close to the coast of Trang Province are a number of smaller islands with great beaches, coral reefs and solitude. Read More...

  • Krabi Mini-Guides

    Krabi Mini-Guides

    There's so much to do... whether it's just for a few days or longer, here are a few suggestions to make the most of your visit. See Read More...

  • Ao Luk Attractions

    Ao Luk Attractions

    Ao Luk mangrove and caves is a suitable field for exploration and soft-adventure experiences in Krabi Province. Ao Luk is located 40km north of Krabi Town and enjoys an Read More...

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