Krabi Attractions A to Z

List of All Attractions in Krabi by Alphabetical Order

Krabi Province in the south of Thailand is one of Southeast Asia's most attractive spots. With a lush, green interior, exotic beaches, enticing islands within minutes away and a growing infrastructure, Krabi has what it takes to provide a great vacation full of attractive memories.

And there's so much to see: Wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and hot springs as well as ice-cold waterfalls (very welcome in the tropics) are all close by while one of the world's most beautiful islands Koh Phi Phi is merely 45 minutes away from the mainland. Have a look though the list of Krabi Attractions and you'll be surprised at just how much there is to see in this charming province.

Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary

Khao Phra - Khao Nor Chuchi Wildlife Sanctuary

The inland area around Khao Noi Chuchi (Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary) is the last patch of lowland rainforest left in Thailand. Considered to be home to more species of birds than any other forest reserve in southern Thailand, birdlovers should look out for Gurneys, Black-breasted Pitta, Chestnut-collared Kingfishers, Black Hornbills and Crestwood Partridges. Read More...

Location: Located at the southern end of the province on the mainland, opposite Lanta Island about 25 kilometres away from Klong Thom off Highway No. 4.


Chicken Island (Koh Kai or Hua Khwan)

Named after the strange rock formation which looks like the head and neck of an ostrich, chicken or similar member of the fowl family. One end of the island consists of steep cliffs, while the other end has beautiful beaches along a peninsula.  Read More...

Remarks: Koh Gai can be visited all year round. (Not affected by the monsoon - May - October)

Crystal Lagoon of Thung Teao Forest

Krabi is well-known for areas of outstanding natural beauty and one place that should make your must-see list is the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, an unusual lowland forest rich in bio-diversity, complete with a nature trail and a crystal lagoon. Read More...

How to get there: Take Highway No4. to Klom Thom and follow the signs to the waterfall.

Diamond Cave

Diamond Cave is also worth a look, the well-signed path begins at the north end of Railay East Beach. It doesn't take long to get there and lights and a wooden walkway have been installed inside. Read More...

Location: At the northern end of Railay East Beach

Hat Nopparat Thara National Park

One of the major national parks, Hat Noppharat Thara, covers a large part of the Krabi coastline including the popular beaches of Ao Nang, Noppharat Thara Beach and Railay Beach. The park also consists of around 80 islands, including Koh Poda, Koh Gai, and the idyllic Phi Phi islands. Read More...

How to get there: Along the coast, 18 km by road from Krabi Town, at Ban Laem Pho, or from Ao Nang beach, simply follow the road signs. The entrance to Sussan Hoi is marked by a small Chinese temple.

Hidden Lagoon (Sa Phra Nang)

Sa Phra Nang means 'Holy Princess Pool', it possibly sounds more intriguing than it is however if you're young and fit it's worth a look. The lagoon is tidal so try to ensure that it's high tide when you go. Be aware that you will get dirty so wear appropriate clothing. Read More...

Location: Railay Beach

Khao Khanab Nam

Khao Kanab Nam are two hills that many people regard as the symbol of the province. Located just outside Krabi Town and easily spotted from the road, it is such an amazing vista to see these prominences standing almost side by side with a river (the Maenam Krabi) flowing in between them. Each is about 100 metres high. Read More...

Location: situated directly next to Maritime Park and Spa Resort, it can be visited by longtail boat from Krabi Town pier

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park

This densely forested park offers peace, serenity, waterfalls and caves. Tham Khao Ping, a cave with large stalactites and stalagmite formations is situated 3 kms from the Park Office. There are also several picturesque waterfalls. The area is ideal for hiking. Read More...

How to get there: In Khao Phanom district, about 20 kms directly north of Krabi town. Follow signs to Huay Toh waterfall. Easily reached by Songteaw, motorbike or mountain bike, the park has several trails leading to scenic spots and provides great opportunities to observe plant and animal life.

Krabi Hot Springs (Klong Thom)

Klong Thom Hot Springs are located in the forest near the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. Ancient volcanic chambers are the origin of these thermal springs which are believed to ease a number of ailments such as rheumatism, sciatica and other skin problems, although these medical claims have no scientific grounds. Read More...

Location: 50km south of Krabi Town

Koh Ha

Koh Ha is a tropical paradise in which visitors can relax and enjoy their day snorkeling, scuba diving and take on the beautiful surrounding. The word ‘ha’ means ‘five’ in Thai and, as the name suggests, Koh Ha consists of five lovely limestone islands located on the west of Koh Lanta, just an hour away by boat. Before it became relatively well known, the main Ha Island was a shelter for Sea Gypsies and local fishermen. Its harbour provided a safe spot for them to avoid big storms as there are not really any other nearby islands in this area of the Andaman Sea. Koh Ha was original known in the Malay language as Tuk Narima Island. Read More...

Opening Hours: Best time to go: October to June
Location: Andaman Sea under the supervision of Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park

Koh Hong

Explore a little further with a visit to the Hong Islands, located 25 kilometres NW of Ao Nang. Not to be confused with the other Koh Hong in Phang Nga Bay, these tiny islands are simply beautiful. Spectacular beaches and hidden lagoons with shoals of colourful fish that literally eat out of your hand. Read More...

Remarks: Koh Hong can also be accessed from Koh Yao Islands.

Koh Kradan

Koh Kradan plays host to the annual underwater wedding ceremony that draws many partipating couples, hundreds of spectators and takes place each Valentine's day. Also known as Koh Ha by the locals, Koh Kradan Island lies south of Lanta and belongs to the neighbouring Haad Chao Mai National Park. Named after the oblong shape of the island, Koh Kradan covers 4sqkm and is considered one of the most beautiful islands off the Trang coastline. Read More...

How to get there: There is no scheduled ferry service from Lanta Island to the islands of Ngai, Muk or Kradan. You can, however, rent a private longtail boat in Saladan (Lanta Island) or join a snorkeling excursion from Lanta Island and get off the boat at your preferred island. Check the snorkeling destinations first to ensure you go to the right island before booking!!

Koh Lanta & Nearby Islands

Koh Lanta consists of 52 islands including the largest, Koh Lanta Yai. It's located approximately 70km from Krabi Town. Koh Lanta's scenic beauty may not quite compete with some other areas in the province. However, if you're looking for complete peace and quiet away from tourist areas, with a few home comforts, head for the island of Koh Lanta.  Read More...

Koh Muk (Koh Mook)

Most of the island of Koh Muk is mountainous apart from a small sandy peninsula to the east which is the main (and only) village area - home to about 300 Muslim fishing families. Tourist accommodation is limited to a couple of small resorts located on Ao Makham Beach - located around the other side of the village, where the water is very shallow exposing corals during low tide. Read More...

Remarks: Accommodation available: Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort

Koh Ngai

Koh Ngai (Hai) is a tiny island measuring 4 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide. Mountainous and covered by tropical forest, much of the coastline is indented with rocky headlands, while the eastern part has some beautiful sand beaches, backed by coconut plantations. Read More...

Remarks: Accommodation available: Coco Cottage
How to get there: From Pak Meng, located 15 kilometres away on the mainland opposite, in Trang Province. Standard ferry takes about one hour. A faster speedboat connection from Pak Meng Pier is also available, departing around the same time. It takes just 20 minutes. From Koh Lanta there is no scheduled ferry service from Lanta Island to Ngai Island although it is possible to rent a private longtail from Saladan (Koh Lanta Island) during high season (Nov - April).

Koh Poda

Located just 8 kilometres offshore, (around 25 minutes by boat) from Ao Nang, Koh Poda is a small island no more than a kilometre in diameter, covered in palm trees and almost entirely encircled by a soft white sand beach. Read More...

Remarks: Koh Poda can be visited all year round. (Not affected by the monsoon - May - October)

Koh Rok

Krabi is home to more than 100 unique tropical islands and Koh Rok is one certainly worth visiting. Many people take a day trip there and it’s good to know that there’s an option to stay overnight too. Famous for snorkeling, scuba diving as well as fun camping, Koh Rok is under the supervision of Mu Koh Lanta Marine National Park so an admission fee applies. Koh Rok is actually made up of twin islands by the name Koh Rok Nai and Koh Rok Nok with the distance of about a couple hundred metres in between them. Read More...

Opening Hours: October to May
Best time to go: Feb to April
Location: about 30km south of Lanta Island

Koh Talu

A small island about 45 metres high with strange rock formations. Literally the name Talu means to pass through and in the centre is a 30-metre hole - the result of natural erosion. Talu Island is home to a large number of swifts which provide the nests essential for the Chinese delicacy, Bird's Nest Soup.

Koh Tap & Koh Mor

These two islands offer easy snorkeling. If the tide is low, you can walk along the white, sandy causeway from one island to the other.

Tour Available: Krabi 4-islands Tour

Koh Yao Yai & Koh Yao Noi

Two large islands (together about 138sqkm) right in the middle of Phang Nga Bay between Phuket and Krabi. While fishing remains the predominant economic activity and way of life here, the islands are slowly opening up to tourism. Some innovative, community-driven eco tours and small-scale, mostly family-run bungalows and resorts have been developed. A great place to enjoy nature and get a taste of local culture. Read More...

Krabi Riverside & Thara Park

Krabi Riverside walk is a large manmade footpath starting at Chao Fah Park – where the Chao Fah Night Market is held every evening – and finishing at the southern end of Thara Park and sports complex. The promenade is best visited at the end of afternoon when the temperatures cool down a bit as it offers a nice and tranquil stroll along the river caressed by the Andaman Sea breezes into which the Krabi River (‘Pak Nam Krabi’ – Krabi Estuary) flows. Read More...

Location: Krabi Town

Krabi Town

Krabi Town

Krabi Town is charming, laid back, and very provincial. Tourism has arrived, but Krabi Town doesn't jump through hoops to bring in foreigners; as the main commercial and transit point for the province, it doesn't need to. Its unique personality is a welcome contrast to the surrounding beach areas. For those interested in a dose of genuine Thai culture and hospitality, sticking around Krabi Town for a bit is a rewarding experience. Read More...

Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi islands are some of the loveliest in Southeast Asia. Just a 45-minute speedboat jaunt and a 90-minute ferryboat ride from Phuket and eqidistant from Krabi Town, these picture postcard islands offer the ultimate tropical getaway. Classic beaches, stunning rock formations, and vivid turquoise waters teeming with colourful marine life - it's paradise perfected and its no wonder that the waters surrounding Phi Phi are world famous for amongst scuba enthusiasts. Read More...

Princess Cave (Tham Phra Nang Nok)

Take a boat to see this strange cave located on lovely Phra Nang Beach, within 10 minutes' walk of Railay Beach East. Princess Cave or Tham Phra Nang Nok, reveals a more recently discovered inner Princess Cave or Tham Phra Nang Nai, believed by local fishermen to be the home of a mythical sea princess. Read More...

Railay Beaches & Caves

Railay Beaches & Caves

Now on every savvy traveller's list, Railay is nevertheless one of Thailand's most sought-after beach areas. Just south of Ao Nang Beach, around a rocky headland and accessible only by boat, Railay presents a tranquil and extraordinary world. In just one small peninsula you'll find gorgeous white sand beaches, soaring limestone cliffs, viewpoints, caves and a lagoon hidden inside the cliffs, shaped and fed by the changing tides. All within walking distance! Read More...

Shell Cemetery (Susan Hoi)

Susan Hoi is an archaic petrified shell cemetery located 17 kilometres from Krabi town centre on a 200 metre stretch along Ban Laem Pho. This shell cemetery is considered by recent scientific experts to date back 40-25 million years, although local folklore claims it’s even older at 75 million years. The cemetery came into being after the limestone deposits in the water covered and fossilised shellfish, snails and a variety of other sea creatures creating slabs of intricate geological relics. Read More...

Location: Baan Laem Pho Cape (17 kilometres southwest of Krabi town)

Tham Lod

Just northeast of Krabi Town, surrounded by limestone mountains and rich in cave systems, lies the area of Ao Luk. Along the Ao Luk-Laem Sak Road, approximately 2km from the district offices are two caves located in the mangrove of Ta Prang Canal: Tham Lod Neua and Tham Lod Tai.  Read More...

How to get there: By longtail boat or by canoe from Bor Thor Jetty. Follow the signs displayed on Ao Luk - Laem Sak road to get there.

Tham Mai Kaew

Koh Lanta has a series of caves collectively known as Tham Mai Kaew, that can be reached by a short jungle trek through rubber plantations and entered from a small entrance of rocks. Local guides can lead you through the caves to a cavern pool, with plenty of bats, stalactites and stalagmites to see along the way. Read More...

Location: Koh Lanta

Tham Phi Hua To

Tham Phi Hua Toh/Hua Galok is a large cave which used to be a burial site some 3,000 years ago. Some paintings located on the ceiling of the cave are dated from this time. Tham Phi Hua Tho means 'Big-headed Ghost Cave', due to the fact that the cave, viewed from Ta Prang Canal, looks like a huge limestone face.  Read More...

How to get there: By longtail boat or by canoe from Bor Thor Jetty. Follow the signs displayed on Ao Luk - Laem Sak road to get there.

Tham Sadet

Tham Sadet is located at Ban Nong Kok, Tambon Sai Thai, 7 kilometres from Krabi Town on Highway No. 4034. It is a beautiful cave with stalactites and stalagmites. In 1909 the future King Rama VI visited the cave, earning it the title 'Sadet' indicating the presence of royalty.

Than Bokkharani National Park

Located in Ao Luk district, close to the border of Krabi and Phang Nga provinces, Bokkharani National Park also borders the Andaman Sea. The National Park headquarters offers a trail through the rainforest and limestone walls with waterfalls, caves and even a small temple. Read More...

How to get there: In Ao Luk on the main road Phang Nga - Krabi, turn right at the traffic light in direction of Laem Sak. Bokkharani National Park Headquarters is located on the left about two kilometres after the traffic light.

Tiger Cave (Wat Tham Sua)

Located 9 kilometres from Krabi Town, Wat Tham Sua or 'Tiger Cave' is one of the most famous caves in the area. It is part of a temple complex where monks live and worship within a maze of natural caves surrounded by lush jungle. The main tourist attraction however, is the 1,272 step climb up a limestone tower to see the 'footprint of the Buddha'. It's not an easy climb especially in the heat, but you will be rewarded at the top with stunning 360° views of the surrounding countryside and the Andaman Sea.  Read More...

Viewpoints in Railay

To get to the first viewpoint you go towards the lagoon (described above) and halfway there the path splits, up to the viewpoint or down to the lagoon. Stunning views of Railay can be seen. The other viewpoint is between Phra Nang and Railay West Beaches, you'll need a torch. You start at Phra Nang Beach at the opposite end to the Princess Cave (the small cave filled with Phallic symbols, left by couples hoping to get pregnant). Read More...

Location: Railay Beach

Viking Cave (Tham Phraya Nak)

Located about 90 minutes by boat from Krabi Town, Phi Phi Ley contains another large cave Tham Phraya Nak or Viking Cave, contains prehistoric paintings alongside more recent pictures of modern ships. Read More...

Location: Koh Phi Phi Leh

Wat Klong Thom (Temple & Museum)

In the Klong Thom district, east of Krabi Town and about 1 km from the District Headquarters, this temple museum hosts a collection of ancient stones, bronze tools, coins, pottery, decorations and beads which are reputedly to be more than 500 years old.

Wat Sai Thai

Not far from Ao Nang on the side of the main road. Wat Sai Thai doesn't have a real temple but there is a reclining Buddha under a cliff and some small golden sitting Buddhas that make it worth a stop.

The setting with a giant tree in front of the cliff is a nice view from the road.

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