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Where to Shop & What to Buy in Railay Beach

Railay certainly isn’t going to win major prizes for the best shopping destination in Krabi but it has welcomed a few new shopping venues in the last years. Carefree and car free, Railay is as peaceful a destination as you’re ever going to get.

Railay East and Railay West are very different from each other; Railay West is up market, dramatically beautiful and on the pricey side when thinking in Thai baht; while Railay East, with its mud flats, mangroves, fishing boats and hippy-like atmosphere is decidedly down at heel but has bargains to be found. Think of it like this: it’s around 300 baht a cocktail in certain hotels in Railay West and 70 baht a large bottle of Chang Beer in Railay East.

If you’re in the market for hippy paraphernalia, secondhand books and the like then Railay East is for you. Interspersed between the pancake vendors, restaurants and bars you will find several small vendors selling beads, flip-flops, wooden souvenirs, Frisbees, beach bags and beach-tennis gear.

Near the Sunrise Tropical Resort – on the concrete footpath along the mangroves - there is a block of five shops including the area’s only pharmacy (open from 09:30 – 23:00), an optical shop (Railay Optic, open from 09:00-21:00), a mini-mart, a rock climbing school (Tex Rock Climbing), and even a tailor (Armani Tailor). In between the beaches in Railay Bay Resort stands an ATM machine and a minimart selling just about everything you could possibly need for your stay at seriously hiked-up prices. This is because the resort owns the shop.


Lek & Om Jewellery

Lek & Om Jewellery is a charming small boutique selling handmade necklaces, bracelets and ear rings located on Railay East beachfront, opposite Tom Yum Goong Restaurant. Made of leather, genuine gemstones, oyster pearls and copper, Lek & Om creations are original and entirely made in Railay. Custom-made jewels are also available, and prices range from 20 baht to 1,800 baht, depending on the materials used and the complexity of the items.

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 24:00
Location: on Railay East beachfront, right after Jamrock Bar

Railay Walking Street

Walking Street is Railay West’s main shopping centre. This 70m-long lane gathers a good deal of shops, bars and restaurants. Its entrance is right on Railay Beach West, flanked – on two sides - by the popular Flame Tree Restaurant & Bar. The other eateries featured in Railay Walking Street count one kebab stall, two fruit shake/burger joints and one fruit shake/pancake stand. Leisure activity centres are also represented in the lane with Railay Rock Climbing Shop, King Climbers and Railay Dive Centre; please note that after these exhausting activities, visitors can enjoy a relaxing massage at Bobo Thai Massage located toward the end of the lane.

With regards to shopping, Railay Walking Street hosts four bazaar-like shops selling the usual beachwear, Singha T-shirts, flip flops, and sarongs; one mini-mart selling all sort convenient items and snacks and one boutique that stands out from the lot: Fish Handmade Silver Jewellery.

This boutique sells a great assortment of splendid creations – rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and ear rings – made of various gemstones such as turquoise, and high-quality silver. Run by a couple, Meg and Pon, it is indeed an interesting shop which, apart from jewellery, sells clothing and bags.

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