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A sightseeing trip in a longtail boat is a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Thai Massage is available right on the beach, you'll find the areas set up in the shady areas. As the sun lowers in the sky games of beach soccer (Railay West Beach) and beach volleyball (Phra Nang Beach) commence, anyone can join in. 

Diamond Cave


Diamond Cave is also worth a look, the well marked path begins at the north end of Railay East Beach. It doesn't take long to get there and lights and a wooden walkway have been installed inside.

The cave features bats, a very high roof, stalactites, stalagmites and is a true wonder of nature. Entrance is 40 baht.

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Hidden Lagoon (Sa Phra Nang)


Sa Phra Nang means 'Holy Princess Pool', it possibly sounds more intriguing than it is however if you're young and fit it's worth a look. The lagoon is tidal so try to ensure that it's high tide when you go. Be aware that you will get dirty so wear appropriate clothing.

On the path between Railay East Beach and Phra Nang Beach there's a sign that says lagoon, to get to it you have to climb up muddy slopes then down a rocky ravine. The mud is slippery and there's more scrambling than climbing involved so think twice about it after rain.

Once you reach it you find a pool surrounded by sheer cliffs most of the way around, some find it beautiful however some find it a little disappointing after the tough 45 minute journey to get there. Those who get there at low tide will be very frustrated to find a small muddy pool. Don't attempt to go there alone. 

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Everyone from kids to middle-aged thrill seekers are scaling the cliffs. There are several climbing schools (notably King Climbers and Cliffs Man) located at Railay East and Ton Sai beach.

Courses from absolute beginner to advanced are available and with a choice of over 650 routes - there's enough here to keep any climber busy for years.  Read More...


Over thousands of years tides have worn away parts of the limestone cliffs to form overhanging rockfaces and even caves in some instances.

Sea Kayaking is a great way to explore all the nooks and crannies around Railay. You can Kayak from one of Railay's beaches to another, or even to one of the islands nearby.

Kayaks can be rented easily from Railay West and Phra Nang beaches.  Read More...

Viewpoints in Railay


To get to the first viewpoint you go towards the lagoon (described above) and halfway there the path splits, up to the viewpoint or down to the lagoon. Stunning views of Railay can be seen.

The other viewpoint is between Phra Nang and Railay West Beaches, you'll need a torch. You start at Phra Nang Beach at the opposite end to the Princess Cave (the small cave filled with Phallic symbols, left by couples hoping to get pregnant).

Walk up the rocks until you see the entrance to the cave, walk up through the cave as far as you can, climb the ladder and voila! Spectacular views of Railay West Beach. If you have climbing gear you can abseil down the other side otherwise go back the way you came.

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