Top 5 Restaurants in Nopparat Thara

Best Places to Eat in Nopparat Thara

Nopparat Thara’s dining scene is the image of the place itself: tranquil and definitely local in its northern part, becoming slightly livelier the closer you approach its southern end toward Ao Nang. Seafood rules on the plates of most (if not all) restaurants of Nopparat Thara, thanks to the fishing village located at Klong Haeng towards the northern end of the beach. Fish, shrimp, lobster and squid are delivered daily and skillfully cooked in a traditional Thai style for the great pleasure of Nopparat Thara visitors.

Our Top 5 Nopparat Thara Restaurants is listed below, featuring the best diners available at this charming beach; places at which visitors can enjoy a stunning sunset (on the right day), expertly mixed cocktails, and delectable Thai and international fare, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Krua Thara

Krua Thara

Krua Thara is a long-established restaurant that has been catering for tourists and locals alike with a choice of authentic Thai cuisine blending fresh seafood and exotic spices. Krua Thara (‘Thara Family’) seems to encapsulate the entire Nopparat Thara dining scene: live fish tanks, fresh seafood baskets, bright lights and welcoming staff members. It’s miles away from fine dining but delivers the goods – spanking fresh seafood – in an unpretentious manner.

The restaurant settings and décor are rather basic, but the restaurant’s location – right next to Klong Haeng fishing pier – and atmosphere – genuine laid-back southern Thailand ambience – are winners when accompanying a delicious and hearty meal.

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
  • Location: Klong Haeng, northern end of the beach
  • Tel: 075-637361
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Wangsai Seafood Restaurant

Wangsai Seafood Restaurant

Wangsai Seafood seems to have been set at the southern end of Nopparat Thara Beach (toward Ao Nang) for ages. Large and bustling, Wangsai is a beachside seafood dining venue steadily repainted and renovated year after year. Hardly intimate, what it lacks in atmosphere it makes up in location and food.

The eatery features an open kitchen and ample seating on a large covered terrace offering an outstanding view over the Andaman Sea – a great sundowner spot, indeed. Sometimes considered a tourist trap, its longevity and the number of local punters dining here seems to show another side of the negative comments.

  • Opening Hours: 10:30 – 22:00
  • Location: southern end of Nopparat Thara Beach towards Ao Nang
  • Tel: 075-638128
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Lae Lay Grill

If you’re a seafood aficionado and find yourself in Nopparat Thara or Ao Nang you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Almost every restaurant in the area sells fresh shrimp, crab, squid, sea bass, red snapper and much, much more but perhaps the Big Daddy of all this area’s seafood restaurants is Lae Lay Grill just to the north of - and between - Nopparat Thara and Ao Nang. Here, 40 metres up in this lofty restaurant, you’ll find a fabulous selection of not only seafood but Thai dishes, steaks and poultry. However, the main focus is definitely on seafood, with the welcome addition of one of the most striking views in the province.

On sunny days the view dominates the décor at Lae Lay as the countryside, in all its lush verdant glory, lies below, as do small offshore islands dotted in the Andaman Sea; certainly one of the best sundowner spots available in the area. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
  • Location: 89 Moo 3 Ao Nang
  • Tel: 075-661588 or 081-7879799
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A-One Restaurant

A-One Restaurant

A-One Restaurant is a highly recommendable venue for the quality of its food as well as for its relaxed atmosphere and unpretentious settings. Run by a friendly British owner and featuring staff members who enjoy a joke, A-One has all the assets of a great eatery in addition to its excellent location on the Nopparat Thara Beach Road.

Serving mostly Thai and international dishes with a British touch (the Sunday English Roast is a must-try if you are tired with rice and noodle), A-One has soft lighting, good background music, and an agreeable outdoor dining terrace decorated with statues and tropical plants. A-One is a great place for a date.

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 23:00
  • Location: Next to Blue Bayou bungalows on Beach Road
  • Tel: 075-637549
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Luna Beach Restaurant

Luna Beach Restaurant

Luna Beach Restaurant is a culinary addition to the long-established next door Luna Beach Bar which has been (and still is) the main nightlife entertainment venue at Nopparat Thara. Located on and overlooking the beach in a similar setting as the close-by Wangsai Seafood Restaurant, Luna Beach is a large, covered terrace that allows guests to enjoy their meal or drink caressed by the Andaman Sea breeze. With over 50 cocktails available and all the usual suspects in matter of beer, spirit, fruit shake and juice, Luna Beach is a perfect place to enjoy sunsets.

The menu features a good choice of Thai, seafood and international favourites which come at very reasonable prices (cheese-burger at 110 baht, tom yum shrimps at 120 baht, tom kha with chicken at 95 baht). Unpretentious and laid-back, Luna Beach Restaurant has all the necessary ingredients to please anyone.

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 23:00
  • Location: south end of the beach toward of Ao Nang
  • Tel: 081-0855686
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