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  • Top 10 Krabi Activities

    Most Popular Activities in Krabi

    Compared to Phuket or Samui islands, Krabi is a rural backwater and that’s exactly how many visitors want it to stay. Idyllic beaches and islands, swathes of lowland jungle and simple, uncomplicated tourist destinations characterise this province.

    It’s not so much “What to Do in Krabi” as “What Krabi Does to You”. Still, there are several options for those who like to get out and about in this beautiful province. From rock climbing on the tall limestone cliffs typical to this area of southern Thailand to snorkelling in the crystal waters of the Andaman Sea around stunningly beautiful small islands to elephant trekking through the lush vegetation of the rainforest, you surely will find something to do in our top 10 Krabi activities' list below...

  • Most Booked Hotels
    Guest Rating From
    1. Sand Sea Resort 4.0/ 5
    2. Aonang Cliff Beach Resort 4.0/ 5
    3. Beyond Resort Krabi 4.3/ 5
    4. Pakasai Resort 4.1/ 5
    5. Krabi Resort 3.9/ 5
    6. Avatar Railay 5.0/ 5
    7. Railay Bay Resort and Spa 3.7/ 5
    8. Ban Sainai Resort 4.7/ 5
    9. Aonang Villa Resort 4.2/ 5
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    Rock Climbing Railay Beach

    Rock climbing in Krabi is world standard, and with more professionals coming in to blaze trails, the higher standards rise. With wonderful views, a real sense of achievement, good company and a great physical workout, the sport is tempting to all. But first you’ll have to learn the safety rules and the best techniques. Read More...


    Riding on the back of an elephant through rubber plantations and jungle is an experience you’re not going to forget in a hurry. So go for a ride and find out what it’s really like to ride a creature that actually enjoys getting out and around as much as you do! You’ll be able to experience an easy trek, have a swim, see local wildlife, have a Thai-style lunch and even bathe ‘your’ elephant afterwards! Read More...


    Whether you choose to hire a long-tail boat or to head out to sea on a speedboat, the islands along the Krabi coastline will be there patiently waiting for you in all their palm-fronded glory. Going on an organised tour ensures you’ll have a good lunch provided, good English-speaking guides with a fount of knowledge about the region, insurance, National Park entry fees and free use of snorkelling equipment. Read More...


    There are several top-class diving destinations within a reasonable radius of Krabi and each is a great place to explore the underwater world with its arresting creatures and sub-aqua flora. Trips include weights, tanks, equipment, and of course an English-speaking dive master. Beneath the surface you’ll see many exotic tropical fish. Read More...


    Phi Phi Island lies 45 minutes west of Krabi and a day trip there is definitely worth it. First stop will be Bamboo Island, where you can snorkel and explore the gin-clear waters. Then you’ll whizz over to Hin Klang for more underwater discovery. Monkey Beach is next, followed by a buffet lunch at Phi Phi Don’s Ton Sai Bay. There’s more snorkeling, followed by a visit to Maya Bay. Read More...


    Thai cuisine is instantly recognisable. With its distinctive polarity of flavours – combining sweet, sour, salty and spicy – a barrage of tastes and textures is characteristic of many Thai dishes. But how to balance these flavours? Therein lies the art of preparing delicious Thai cuisine. Classes are kept to a maximum of nine students. Read More...


    Krabi’s coastline is incredibly varied, taking in sandy coves, exotic islands and atmospheric caves as well as mangrove swamps. To best explore these natural wonders, a kayak comes in handy as it is relaxing, safe and easy to operate. The beauty of kayaking in Krabi is that participants can witness nature first-hand without leaving a carbon footprint, and without disturbing local flora and fauna in the slightest. Read More...


    Krabi has some of the most scenic roads in Thailand. Life is taken a lot easier in this part of the world and this is reflected in safer road and driving conditions. An organised tour makes sense in a place where getting lost is easy, and the hidden gems stay hidden without an intimate knowledge of the area. You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy the experience. Read More...


    Relatively new to Thailand, this tour, in Southern Thailand's lush Phang Nga Province, takes you on an action-packed ride along mountain rivers fringed with forest. Be prepared to get wet! Also included is a visit to the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary waterfall and an elephant ride through the jungle. An unforgettable day out. Read More...


    Krabi Spas offer a retreat into the sensual world. Soothing and tranquil, leave stress behind as you sample the essential oils, exotic herbs and Thai massage techniques guaranteed to nourish your body and feed your soul. Let the centuries old beauty and health treatments from Southeast Asia relax and rejuvenate. To sample a spa or massage treatment here is doubly enjoyable because of the specialness of the setting. Read More...

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