Krabi Hotels by Name

Where to Stay in Krabi

Krabi has many hotels in many categories, which means that there's one for you in this gorgeous province of sparkling sea, challenging rock climbs and steaming jungle. Have a look at our list below.


Last Minute
Red Ginger Chic Resort
Club Room (3 nights FREE Dinner)
THB 2,358
Room with Breakfast
Timber House Resort
Superior (FREE Upgrade + Late check-out)
THB 1,053
Great Krabi Sales
Palm Paradise Resort
Palm Garden Villa (FREE Room upgrade + Massage)
THB 1,095
Summer Sale
Rayavadee Resort
Deluxe Pavilion with breakfast (3 nights FREE Dinner)
THB 14,427
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A to E

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  A Little Villa Krabi   Krabi Town 1685 THB
  A Mansion Hotel   Krabi Town 548 THB
  Adam Bungalow   Ao Nang 505 THB
  AKANAK RESORT   Ao Thalane 2350 THB
  Al Ameen Hotel   Krabi Town 1179 THB
  Alisea Boutique Hotel   Ao Nang 1390 THB
  Amari Vogue Krabi   Tubkaak Beach 5232 THB
  Amorn Mansion   Ao Nang 758 THB
  Ananta Burin Resort   Ao Nang 2106 THB
  Andamanee Boutique Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 1685 THB
  Anyavee Ao Nang Bay Resort   Ao Nang 2317 THB
  Anyavee Ban Ao Nang Resort   Ao Nang 2106 THB
  Anyavee Railay Resort   Railay Beach 1516 THB
  Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort   Tubkaak Beach 2919 THB
  Ao Nang Andaman Resort   Ao Nang 1011 THB
  Ao Nang Baan Suan Resort   Ao Nang 1112 THB
  Ao Nang Backpacker   Ao Nang 211 THB
  Ao Nang Home Stay   Ao Nang 1222 THB
  Ao Nang Mountain Paradise   Ao Nang 1685 THB
  Ao Nang Mountain View Hotel   Ao Nang 1011 THB
  Ao nang oscar new resort   Ao Nang 842 THB
  Ao Nang Pearl Resort   Ao Nang 674 THB
  Ao Nang Phu Pi Maan Resort & Spa   Ao Nang 5476 THB
  Ao Nang Princeville Resort   Ao Nang 2864 THB
  Ao Nang View LaVilla   Ao Nang 1264 THB
  Aonang All Seasons Beach Resort   Ao Nang 1769 THB
  Aonang Ayodhaya Beach Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 1896 THB
  Aonang Beach Home   Ao Nang 1853 THB
  Aonang Buri Resort   Ao Nang 1424 THB
  Aonang Cliff Beach Resort   Ao Nang 2780 THB
  Aonang Cliff View Resort   Ao Nang 842 THB
  Aonang Cozy Place   Ao Nang 2275 THB
  Aonang Friendly Bungalow   Ao Nang 590 THB
  Aonang Garden Villa   Ao Nang 8425 THB
  Aonang Grand Inn   Ao Nang 1011 THB
  Aonang Lakeside Bungalow I   Nopparat Thara Beach 702 THB
  Aonang Miti Resort   Ao Nang 1264 THB
  Aonang Naga Pura Resort and Spa   Ao Nang 3370 THB
  Aonang Orchid Resort   Ao Nang 2106 THB
  Aonang Paradise Resort   Ao Nang 2255 THB
  Aonang Phu Petra Resort   Ao Nang 3033 THB
  Aonang Phutawan Resort   Ao Nang 1179 THB
  Aonang President Hotel   Ao Nang 1222 THB
  Aonang Regent Hotel   Ao Nang 1710 THB
  Aonang Silver Orchid Resort   Ao Nang 2140 THB
  Aonang Sunset Hotel   Ao Nang 1988 THB
  Aonang Villa Resort   Ao Nang 3336 THB
  Aonang Village Resort   Ao Nang 1264 THB
  Aonang Viva Resort   Ao Nang 1516 THB
  Aonang88Hostel   Ao Nang 716 THB
  Apasari Krabi   Ao Nang 1677 THB
  APO Hotel   Krabi Town 1095 THB
  Arawan Krabi Beach Resort   Ao Nam Mao 1769 THB
  Aree Tara Resort   Ao Nang 1677 THB
  Ashram Kanabnam Resort   Krabi Town 590 THB
  Aura Relaxing and Spa Hotel   Krabi Town 927 THB
  B Trio Guesthouse   Krabi Town 270 THB
  Baan Alessandra   Ao Nang 10910 THB
  Baan Andaman Hotel   Krabi Town 842 THB
  Baan Andaman   Ao Nang 8924 THB
  Baan Chang   Ao Nang 10907 THB
  Baan Gecko   Ao Nang 9422 THB
  Baan Habeebee Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 2957 THB
  Baan Havaree Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 1431 THB
  Baan Ja Id   Ao Nang 9916 THB
  Baan Malisa   Ao Nang 8924 THB
  Baan Manu Chang   Ao Nang 4958 THB
  Baan Narakorn   Ao Nang 9916 THB
  Baan Nisarine   Krabi Town 211 THB
  Baan Oriental Krabi   Ao Nang 14378 THB
  Baan Po Ngam Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 1390 THB
  Baan Sabai Dee Krabi   Krabi Town 421 THB
  Baan Sankar   Ao Nang 6740 THB
  Baan Santi   Ao Nang 13882 THB
  Baan Zoe   Ao Nang 14874 THB
  Ban Sainai Resort   Ao Nang 5687 THB
  Bannthara Guesthouse   Ao Nang 1011 THB
  Beach Terrace Hotel   Ao Nang 2772 THB
  Bens House   Ao Nang 1003 THB
  Beyond Resort Krabi   Klong Muang Beach 3302 THB
  Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa   Railay Beach 5442 THB
  Breda Beach   Ao Nang 10907 THB
  Buri Tara Resort   Ao Nang 1592 THB
  Centara Anda Dhevi Resort & Spa   Ao Nang 2538 THB
  Cha Wan Resort   Ao Nang 2721 THB
  ChatChada House Guesthouse   Ao Nang 1011 THB
  Chaya Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 2136 THB
  Climb Krabi Inn   Krabi Town 716 THB
  Coco Nori at PongPan   Klong Muang Beach 1011 THB
  Dee Andaman Hotel   Krabi Town 1685 THB
  Deevana Plaza Krabi Aonang   Ao Nang 3024 THB
  Diamond Cave Resort & Spa   Railay Beach 2022 THB
  Diamond Place Hotel   Nopparat Thara Beach 2359 THB
  Diamond Resort Nammao Beach   Ao Nam Mao 1011 THB
  Dream Valley Resort   Railay Beach 2084 THB
  Duang Jai Resort   Ao Nang 2317 THB
  Emerald Garden Resort   Ao Nang 1853 THB

F to J

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Glur Hostel   Ao Nang 505 THB
  Golden Beach Resort   Ao Nang 2013 THB
  Grand Mansion Hotel   Krabi Town 421 THB
  Grand Tower Hotel   Krabi Town 329 THB
  Grandmom Place   Krabi Town 1003 THB
  Green House Hotel   Krabi Town 1010 THB
  Green View Village Resort   Ao Nang 1011 THB
  Happiness Resort   Ao Nang 1264 THB
  Harvest House   Ao Nang 1179 THB
  Hasna Palace   Ao Nang 1264 THB
  Ibis Styles Krabi Ao Nang   Ao Nang 2500 THB

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  iCheck Inn Ao Nang Krabi   Ao Nang 1668 THB

F to J

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Islanda Eco Village Resort   Koh Klang 2148 THB
  Just Fine Krabi   Krabi Town 1095 THB

K to O

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Kaleane Villa   Ao Thalane 8298 THB
  KL House AoNang   Ao Nang 800 THB
  Koh Jum Resort   Koh Jum 1407 THB
  Koh Kwang Resort   Klong Muang Beach 590 THB
  Krabi Apartment   Ao Nang 1769 THB
  Krabi Aquamarine Resort & Spa   Nopparat Thara Beach 2291 THB
  Krabi Cha-Da Resort   Ao Nang 2426 THB
  Krabi City Seaview Hotel   Krabi Town 1095 THB
  Krabi City View Hotel   Krabi Town 1053 THB
  Krabi Condotel   Krabi Town 842 THB
  Krabi Cozy Place Hotel   Krabi Town 1011 THB
  Krabi Flora Hotel   Krabi Town 463 THB
  Krabi Front Bay Resort   Krabi Town 2022 THB
  Krabi Heritage Hotel   Ao Nang 2359 THB
  Krabi La Playa Resort   Ao Nang 3159 THB
  Krabi Loma Hotel   Krabi Town 716 THB
  Krabi Resort   Ao Nang 5055 THB
  Krabi Riverview Hotel   Krabi Town 1348 THB
  Krabi Royal Hotel   Krabi Town 926 THB
  Krabi Thai Village Resort   Ao Nang 1896 THB
  Krabi Tipa Resort   Ao Nang 2022 THB
  Krisda Villa   Ao Nam Mao 674 THB
  Lada Krabi Residence   Krabi Town 842 THB
  Lanna Beach Guesthouse   Ao Nang 842 THB
  LongBeach Villa   Klong Muang Beach 1003 THB
  Luna House   Ao Nang 1179 THB
  Mandawee Resort and Spa   Nopparat Thara Beach 1684 THB
  Maritime Park & Spa Resort   Krabi Town 1887 THB
  Me Mee Bungalow   Ao Nang 1264 THB
  Mild Bungalow Hotel   Nopparat Thara Beach 1516 THB
  Mystery Hotel Krabi - 4 Star hotel Oriental Boutique Style at Ao Nang Beach   Ao Nang 1820 THB
  Mystery Hotel Krabi - 4 Star Thai Style resort at Ao Nang Beach   Ao Nang 1896 THB
  Mystery Hotel Krabi-4 star Chic hotel walking to beach only 5 minute   Ao Nang 2105 THB
  Mystery Hotels Krabi - 4 Star beach front resort located on Tub Kaek Beach   Tubkaak Beach 1896 THB
  N K Hometel   Krabi Town 1010 THB
  Nadivana Serviced Apartments   Ao Nang 2798 THB
  Nakamanda Resort and Spa   Klong Muang Beach 5762 THB
  Nantra Coco Beach Resort   Haad Yao Beach 1053 THB
  Nattha Waree Hot Spring Resort and Spa   Other Areas 1643 THB
  Noppharat Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 1078 THB
  NS Mountain Beach Resort   Ao Nam Mao 1095 THB
  Orange City Hostel Aonang   Nopparat Thara Beach 1011 THB
  Orange Tree House Krabi Town   Krabi Town 758 THB
  Orange Village   Nopparat Thara Beach 1264 THB
  Oscar Villa   Ao Nang 1516 THB

P to R

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  P N GUEST HOUSE   Krabi Town 295 THB
  P N Mountain Resort Krabi   Other Areas 674 THB
  Pak-Up Hostel   Krabi Town 236 THB
  Pakasai Resort   Ao Nang 2864 THB
  Palm Paradise Resort   Ao Nang 2519 THB
  Pavilion Queens Bay   Ao Nang 1618 THB
  Payang Bungalow   Nopparat Thara Beach 548 THB
  Peace Laguna Resort   Ao Nang 2039 THB
  Phra Nang Inn   Ao Nang 2270 THB
  Phranang Place Hotel   Ao Nang 1601 THB
  Phuhi Hotel   Krabi Town 750 THB
  Phulay Bay A Ritz-Carlton Reserve   Klong Muang Beach 12537 THB
  Phupha Aonang Resort   Ao Nang 2123 THB
  Pimann Buri Pool Villa Resort   Ao Nang 13901 THB
  Poonsiri Resort   Ao Nang 2527 THB
  Pornthep Mansion   Nopparat Thara Beach 1179 THB
  Pranang Flora House   Ao Nang 1095 THB
  Racha Sunset Resort   Koh Sriboya 673 THB
  Railay Bay Resort and Spa   Railay Beach 3707 THB
  Railay Great View Resort and Spa   Railay Beach 1929 THB
  Railay Phutawan Resort   Railay Beach 2019 THB
  Railay Princess Resort and Spa   Railay Beach 2696 THB
  Railay Village Resort and Spa   Railay Beach 4423 THB
  Rainbow Hotel Krabi   Krabi Town 505 THB
  Rayavadee Resort   Railay Beach 14378 THB
  Red Ginger Chic Resort   Ao Nang 2727 THB
  Room at Krabi   Krabi Town 927 THB
  Royal Nakara Ao Nang   Ao Nang 1601 THB
  Ruenmayura Ao Nang   Ao Nang 1264 THB

S to Z

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Sabai Mansion   Ao Nang 969 THB
  Samran Residence   Krabi Town 800 THB
  Sand Sea Resort   Railay Beach 2905 THB
  Sawadee Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 1516 THB
  Sawasdee Guesthouse   Krabi Town 379 THB
  Sea Star House   Ao Nang 1685 THB
  Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort   Klong Muang Beach 5600 THB
  Silver sand suites   Ao Nang 4625 THB
  Sleep Whale Hotel   Krabi Town 1095 THB
  SleepClub Hostel   Krabi Town 1559 THB
  Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort   Klong Muang Beach 3892 THB
  Somkiet Buri Resort   Ao Nang 2949 THB
  SP Resort   Krabi Town 505 THB
  Sripet Hotel   Krabi Town 918 THB
  Suksai Buri Resort   Ao Nang 758 THB
  Sunda Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 1820 THB
  Sunrise Tropical Resort   Railay Beach 2359 THB
  Supsangdao Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 1516 THB
  Suwanna Hotel   Krabi Town 1010 THB
  Tairada Boutique Hotel   Krabi Town 842 THB
  Thai Hotel Krabi   Krabi Town 590 THB
  Thalane home   Ao Thalane 168 THB
  Thalane Resort   Ao Thalane 1264 THB
  Thara Bayview Villa   Ao Nang 10907 THB
  The Beach Boutique Resort   Haad Yao Beach 1348 THB
  The Beach House Krabi   Ao Nang 21062 THB
  The City House   Krabi Town 757 THB
  The Cliff Ao Nang Resort   Ao Nang 2022 THB
  The Elements Krabi Resort   Klong Muang Beach 2696 THB
  The Fong Krabi Resort   Krabi Town 1011 THB
  The Greenery Hotel Hotel   Krabi Town 632 THB
  The Krabi Forest Homestay   Ao Nang 948 THB
  The L Resort Krabi   Ao Nang 3134 THB
  The Palace Aonang Resort   Ao Nang 1938 THB
  The Pano   Ao Nang 2696 THB
  The Sea House Beach Resort   Haad Yao Beach 1314 THB
  The Sky Resort   Haad Yao Beach 632 THB
  The Small Hotel Krabi   Ao Nang 3243 THB
  The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort   Tubkaak Beach 7961 THB
  The Verandah Hotel Krabi Bed & Breakfast   Ao Nang 2359 THB
  The White Pearl   Krabi Town 1264 THB
  Thepparat Lodge Krabi   Krabi Town 1011 THB
  Thip Residence Boutique Hotel   Ao Nam Mao 1095 THB
  Timber House Resort   Ao Nang 3370 THB
  Tonsai Bay Resort   Railay Beach 1424 THB
  Tup Kaek Sunset Beach Resort   Tubkaak Beach 3753 THB
  Uza Beach Resort   Koh Jum 548 THB
  Vieng Thong Hotel   Krabi Town 1011 THB
  Villa Pimmada   Ao Nang 17650 THB
  Villa Thalanena   Ao Thalane 12637 THB
  Vipa Tropical Resort   Ao Nang 1095 THB
  Vogue Resort & Spa Ao Nang   Ao Nang 2677 THB
  Wareerak Hot Spring Retreat   Other Areas 2426 THB
  White Sand Krabi Resort   Ao Nang 1685 THB
  Your hostel   Krabi Town 236 THB
  ZABAVA Guest House   Ao Nang 2527 THB

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