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A to E

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  A Little Villa Krabi   Krabi Town 41.52 USD
  Adam Bungalow   Ao Nang 379 THB
  Alisea Boutique Hotel   Ao Nang 31.77 USD
  Amari Vogue Krabi   Tubkaak Beach 118.97 USD
  Amorn Mansion   Ao Nang 14.44 USD
  Ananta Burin Resort   Ao Nang 31.04 USD
  Andamanee Boutique Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 28.64 USD
  Anyavee Ao Nang Bay Resort   Ao Nang 42.36 USD
  Anyavee Ban Ao Nang Resort   Ao Nang 33.69 USD
  Anyavee Railay Resort   Railay Beach 26.47 USD
  Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort   Tubkaak Beach 71.24 USD
  Ao Nang Andaman Resort   Ao Nang 12.03 USD
  Ao Nang Baan Suan Resort   Ao Nang 28.88 USD
  Ao Nang Backpacker   Ao Nang 6.02 USD
  Ao Nang Home Stay   Ao Nang 800 THB
  Ao Nang Mountain Paradise   Ao Nang 19.25 USD
  Ao Nang Mountain View Hotel   Ao Nang 22.38 USD
  Ao Nang Phu Pi Maan Resort & Spa   Ao Nang 61.01 USD
  Ao Nang Princeville Resort   Ao Nang 50.54 USD
  Ao Nang View LaVilla   Ao Nang 842 THB
  Aonang All Seasons Beach Resort   Ao Nang 26.48 USD
  Aonang Ayodhaya Beach Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 37.91 USD
  Aonang Buri Resort   Ao Nang 25.78 USD
  Aonang Cliff Beach Resort   Ao Nang 58.10 USD
  Aonang Cliff View Resort   Ao Nang 14.44 USD
  Aonang Dahla Bungalow   Ao Nang 505 THB
  Aonang Friendly Bungalow   Ao Nang 379 THB
  Aonang Garden Villa   Ao Nang 6740 THB
  Aonang Goodwill   Ao Nang 590 THB
  Aonang Guest Home   Ao Nang 16.76 USD
  Aonang Lakeside Bungalow I   Nopparat Thara Beach 16.51 USD
  Aonang Miti Resort   Ao Nang 16.85 USD
  Aonang Naga Pura Resort and Spa   Ao Nang 30.69 USD
  Aonang Orchid Resort   Ao Nang 35.71 USD
  Aonang Paradise Resort   Ao Nang 30.09 USD
  Aonang Phu Petra Resort   Ao Nang 62.33 USD
  Aonang Phutawan Resort   Ao Nang 19.25 USD
  Aonang Regent Hotel   Ao Nang 20.04 USD
  Aonang Silver Orchid Resort   Ao Nang 29.48 USD
  Aonang Sunset Hotel   Ao Nang 24.26 USD
  Aonang Villa Resort   Ao Nang 55.35 USD
  Aonang Village Resort   Ao Nang 842 THB
  Aonang Viva Resort   Ao Nang 20.89 USD
  Apasari Krabi   Ao Nang 27.21 USD
  Arawan Krabi Beach Resort   Ao Nam Mao 758 THB
  Aree Tara Resort   Ao Nang 28.16 USD
  Ascot Krabi   Ao Nang 590 THB
  Ashram Kanabnam Resort   Krabi Town 590 THB
  Baan Alessandra   Ao Nang 423.46 USD
  Baan Andaman   Ao Nang 354.47 USD
  Baan Bida   Krabi Town 28.88 USD
  Baan Chang   Ao Nang 432.42 USD
  Baan Gecko   Ao Nang 289.41 USD
  Baan Ja Id   Ao Nang 393.44 USD
  Baan Malisa   Ao Nang 274.47 USD
  Baan Manu Chang   Ao Nang 152.48 USD
  Baan Narakorn   Ao Nang 304.48 USD
  Baan Nisarine   Krabi Town 3.61 USD
  Baan Oriental Krabi   Ao Nang 570.47 USD
  Baan Sankar   Ao Nang 207.48 USD
  Baan Santi   Ao Nang 551.47 USD
  Baan Zoe   Ao Nang 457.47 USD
  Baifern Mansion   Krabi Town 295 THB
  Ban Sainai Resort   Ao Nang 56.86 USD
  Beach Terrace Hotel   Ao Nang 33.87 USD
  Bens House   Ao Nang 14.44 USD
  Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa   Railay Beach 77.98 USD
  Breda Beach   Ao Nang 335.46 USD
  Buri Tara Resort   Ao Nang 25.78 USD
  Cha Wan Resort   Ao Nang 39.71 USD
  ChatChada House Guesthouse   Ao Nang 673 THB
  Chaya Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 52.53 USD
  Coco Nori at PongPan   Klong Muang Beach 14.44 USD
  Deevana Plaza Krabi Aonang   Ao Nang 40.25 USD
  Diamond Cave Resort & Spa   Railay Beach 35.71 USD
  Diamond Place Hotel   Nopparat Thara Beach 16.71 USD
  Diamond Resort Nammao Beach   Ao Nam Mao 842 THB
  Dream Valley Resort   Railay Beach 21.90 USD
  Duang Jai Resort   Ao Nang 60.17 USD
  Emerald Garden Resort   Ao Nang 24.17 USD

F to J

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Glur Hostel   Ao Nang 8.42 USD
  Golden Beach Resort   Ao Nang 45.72 USD
  Golden Moon Aonang   Ao Nang 24.07 USD
  Grand Mansion Hotel   Krabi Town 421 THB
  Grand Tower Hotel   Krabi Town 15.45 USD
  Green House Hotel   Krabi Town 15.98 USD
  Haleeva Sunshine   Ao Nang 15.16 USD
  Happiness Resort   Ao Nang 21.42 USD
  Harvest House   Ao Nang 590 THB
  Heaven 7 Panorama Seaview   Ao Nam Mao 4212 THB
  I Krabi Hostel Aonang   Ao Nang 8.42 USD
  Ibis Styles Krabi Ao Nang   Ao Nang 33.14 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  iCheck Inn Ao Nang Krabi   Ao Nang 19.09 USD

F to J

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Isle Beach Resort   Klong Muang Beach 51.15 USD
  Jinnies Place   Ao Nang 40.25 USD
  Just Fine Krabi   Krabi Town 23.80 USD

K to O

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Kaleane Villa   Ao Thalane 8298 THB
  Khaothong Terrace Resort & Restaurant   Ao Thalane 43.32 USD
  Koh Jum Beach Villas   Koh Jum 203.95 USD
  Koh Jum Resort   Koh Jum 30.45 USD
  Krabi Apartment   Ao Nang 28.88 USD
  Krabi Aquamarine Resort & Spa   Nopparat Thara Beach 36.27 USD
  Krabi Cha-Da Resort   Ao Nang 39.71 USD
  Krabi Cinta House   Krabi Town 800 THB
  Krabi City View Hotel   Krabi Town 17.09 USD
  Krabi Cozy Place Hotel   Krabi Town 21.18 USD
  Krabi Discovery Resort   Ao Thalane 14.44 USD
  Krabi Flora Hotel   Krabi Town 463 THB
  Krabi Front Bay Resort   Krabi Town 31.00 USD
  Krabi Heritage Hotel   Ao Nang 31.47 USD
  Krabi La Playa Resort   Ao Nang 43.02 USD
  Krabi Loma Hotel   Krabi Town 13.24 USD
  Krabi Resort   Ao Nang 66.82 USD
  Krabi Thai Village Resort   Ao Nang 48.12 USD
  Krabi Tipa Resort   Ao Nang 29.00 USD
  Krabi Tropical Beach Resort   Ao Nam Mao 54.15 USD
  Krisda Villa   Ao Nam Mao 590 THB
  Lada Krabi Residence   Krabi Town 17.32 USD
  Lanna Beach Guesthouse   Ao Nang 13.86 USD
  Luna House   Ao Nang 37.78 USD
  Me Mee Bungalow   Ao Nang 36.10 USD
  Mystery Hotel - 5 star hotel effort is made to make guests feel comfortable located on Koh Jum   Koh Jum 26537 THB
  Mystery Hotel Krabi - 4 Star Thai Style resort at Ao Nang Beach   Ao Nang  
  Mystery Hotel Krabi-4 star Chic hotel walking to beach only 5 minute   Ao Nang  
  N K Hometel   Krabi Town 758 THB
  Nadivana Serviced Apartments   Ao Nang 40.91 USD
  Nakamanda Resort and Spa   Klong Muang Beach 117.88 USD
  Nantra Coco Beach Resort   Haad Yao Beach 29.84 USD
  NS Mountain Beach Resort   Ao Nam Mao 40.36 USD
  Oscar Villa   Ao Nang 23.07 USD

P to R

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  P N GUEST HOUSE   Krabi Town 253 THB
  P N Mountain Resort Krabi   Other Areas 674 THB
  Pak-Up Hostel   Krabi Town 6.74 USD
  Pakasai Resort   Ao Nang 52.95 USD
  Palm Paradise Resort   Ao Nang 23.91 USD
  Pavilion Queens Bay   Ao Nang 27.49 USD
  Payang Bungalow   Nopparat Thara Beach 12.03 USD
  Peace Laguna Resort   Ao Nang 29.46 USD
  Phuhi Hotel   Krabi Town 750 THB
  Phulay Bay A Ritz-Carlton Reserve   Klong Muang Beach 397.28 USD
  Phupha Aonang Resort   Ao Nang 1432 THB
  Pimann Buri Luxury Pool Villas   Ao Nang 273.75 USD
  Poonsiri Resort   Ao Nang 45.12 USD
  Pornthep Mansion   Nopparat Thara Beach 10.83 USD
  Pranang Flora House   Ao Nang 19.25 USD
  Railay Phutawan Resort   Railay Beach 22.67 USD
  Railay Village Resort and Spa   Railay Beach 76.03 USD
  Rainbow Hotel Krabi   Krabi Town 505 THB
  Rayavadee Resort   Railay Beach 322.22 USD
  Red Ginger Chic Resort   Ao Nang 40.92 USD

S to Z

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Sabai Mansion   Ao Nang 505 THB
  Samran Residence   Krabi Town 632 THB
  Sand Sea Resort   Railay Beach 59.06 USD
  Sawadee Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 28.64 USD
  Sawasdee Guesthouse   Krabi Town 9.63 USD
  Sea Star House   Ao Nang 800 THB
  Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort   Klong Muang Beach 0.00 USD
  Sleep Whale Hotel   Krabi Town 23.57 USD
  Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort   Klong Muang Beach 87.60 USD
  Somkiet Buri Resort   Ao Nang 0.00 USD
  SP Resort   Krabi Town 505 THB
  Sripet Hotel   Krabi Town 20.43 USD
  Srisuksant Resort   Ao Nang 36.10 USD
  Studio Klong Muang   Klong Muang Beach 17.32 USD
  Sunda Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 23.62 USD
  Sunrise Tropical Resort   Railay Beach 1575 THB
  Supsangdao Resort   Nopparat Thara Beach 1095 THB
  Suwanna Hotel   Krabi Town 842 THB
  Tairada Boutique Hotel   Krabi Town 24.06 USD
  Tenera Routique Residents   Krabi Town 19.02 USD
  Tha Lane Bay Villa   Ao Thalane 6234 THB
  Thalane Resort   Ao Thalane 48.13 USD
  Thara Bayview Villa   Ao Nang 457.47 USD
  The Beach Boutique Resort   Haad Yao Beach 27.08 USD
  The Beach House Krabi   Ao Nang 660.47 USD
  The City House   Krabi Town 15.52 USD
  The Cliff Ao Nang Resort   Ao Nang 35.98 USD
  The Elements Krabi Resort   Klong Muang Beach 76.18 USD
  The Fong Krabi Resort   Krabi Town 19.49 USD
  The Greenery Hotel   Krabi Town 14.08 USD
  The Krabi Forest Homestay   Ao Nang 14.32 USD
  The Palace Aonang Resort   Ao Nang 19.01 USD
  The Sky Resort   Haad Yao Beach 548 THB
  The Small Hotel Krabi   Ao Nang 51.44 USD
  The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort   Tubkaak Beach 117.33 USD
  The Verandah Hotel Krabi Bed & Breakfast   Ao Nang 36.99 USD
  The White Pearl   Krabi Town 23.42 USD
  Thepparat Lodge Krabi   Krabi Town 20.69 USD
  Thip Residence Boutique Hotel   Ao Nam Mao 22.50 USD
  Timber House Resort   Ao Nang 25.78 USD
  Tup Kaek Sunset Beach Resort   Tubkaak Beach 74.73 USD
  Viangviman Luxury Private Pool Villa and Resort   Ao Nang 45.05 USD
  Vipa Tropical Resort   Ao Nang 22.22 USD
  Vogue Resort & Spa Ao Nang   Ao Nang 40.63 USD
  Your hostel   Krabi Town 236 THB

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