Krabi Weekend Night Market

Chao Fah Market in Krabi Town

Krabi Night Market is also called Chao Fah Weekend Market and it features outdoor food stands and stalls along the roadside. It’s a chance to enjoy a great range of local dishes such as barbecued seafood and meat, curries, and more - in a lively Thai market atmosphere.

It is the best way to get a glimpse of southern Thai daily life as Krabi Night Market is authentically local. The market gets started at about five o’clock in the afternoon when the sun is not too warm, making it a perfect dining option for all walks of life.

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The Krabi River banks are a perfect place to enjoy an early evening in a relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere. Many Thai people like to come here after work for a stroll in the fresh sea breezes coming from the Andaman Sea downriver. Cha Fah Pier used to be the main ferry port in Krabi Town until 2012 when it was replaced by a brand new pier closer to the Krabi River estuary.

Set on a 1,400sqm parking lot, Krabi Night Market is the gathering of something like 30 food stalls with hundreds of plastic tables and chairs dispatched hazardously between them. It may look chaotic at first sight with its frantic, noisy and smoky atmosphere but the place is worth a visit if you want to discover the savours of genuine Thailand. Please note that mosquito repellent is mandatory at dusk along the river if you do not want to be eaten alive.

This market offers the biggest choice of cuisine in Krabi, along with sweets and beverages. You will get to sample Thai-style fast food, famous seafood dishes and Chinese and Muslim cuisine. Most dishes cost around 35-50 baht while drinks are about 10 -15 baht. The seafood items are more expensive but hardly ever go over 100 baht per plate.

Regarding how to order; simply go to a stand and order your dinner, letting the vendor know where your table is. You can order as many dishes from various vendors as you like and it will be delivered to your table in no time and in a friendly manner. Payment is done once the food arrives or after you finish your meal, but make sure you don’t pay for the same dish twice!

Chao Fah Night Market

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 17.00 - 00.30. All year, come rain or shine!
  • Location: Chao Fah Pier, on Kongka Road, Krabi Town.
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