Beyond Resort Krabi, Krabi, Thailand


Beyond Resort Krabi, Krabi, Thailand

"Naturally Romantic...Beyond Resort Krabi" Secluded beaches, pockets of life: untouched nature Beyond Resort Krabi is all of these and much more.

Hidden in the tranquil corner of the world in the Andaman sea, Krabi offers a number of activities from, water-sports to climbing, island hopping in the bay to trekking in the national nature park. Krabi is a place of discovery and Beyond Resort Krabi mixes it with a touch of luxury.

Styled in the contemporary Thai style, the 170 rooms resort situated on the quiet and luxurious Klong Muang Beach, Beyond Resort Krabi is perfect for the private getaway, the romantic escape. With nothing between the blue skies and the sea, discover yourself in nature.

Beyond Resort Krabi, Krabi, Thailand

No.of rooms: 16
Size: 47.5 sq.m.
Premium Villa style rooms with a focusing on its unique location and view. All rooms have a special private balcony overlooking the Andaman Sea. Read More...

No.of rooms: 59
Size: 47.5 sq.m.
Villa style rooms with a unique oval and nature inspired design complemented with a spacious bathrooms. All rooms have a private balcony set amidst tropical trees and greenery. Read More...

No.of rooms: 50
Size: 32 sq.m.
All rooms reveal spectacular sea and pool views furnished with modern facilities and deluxe amenities. Specially designed bathrooms include a see-through glass partition. Read More...

No.of rooms: 41
Size: 27 sq.m.
Distinct room designs in a cottage style setting surrounded by lush tropical plants. All rooms are on the ground floor and easy access but with careful attention to privacy. Read More...